The Hard Truth About Sales Confidence 😬

Lacking confidence in your sales isn’t fun! Right?

I know, as when I first started my business – even though I was a sales superstar working for other people – when it came to selling my own offer – my sales process was inconsistent or non-existent  – I didn’t have the confidence to really “Sell” to people – as I was too worried about them judging me.

How do you know you’re lacking sales confidence?

Not making enough offers, 

Walking away when you get an objection.

Not asking for the sale. 

What does it feel like?

Doubt, fear, kicking yourself for not doing better.

And … it hits your bank account. 

Today I want to give you the hard truth about why you’re not confident yet – and you may not like it.

The truth is – you don’t feel confident


You don’t believe in yourself enough.

You don’t believe in your offer enough.


You might FEEL in your gut how GOOD you are how VAULABLE your offer is, you might know it (sometimes). 

And you’re right.. 

It IS good, in fact it’s probably better than you know.

But, you doubt everything because of this simple fact


You’ve simply not worked with enough people – or gotten enough customers in.

Either: (don’t hate me)

You’ve been in business for a while but you’ve not been ALL IN, facing your demons (like perhaps your resistance to sales) and you’ve been hoping people will find you (instead of generating interest). 


You’ve not been in business very long.

Either way – what you need to do is get the hand-holding to sure you up as you make more offers, you need to invest in getting help in the areas you are stuck in so you GET MORE CLIENTS.

As when you have the testimonials,

the case studies

the people exclaiming 


Do you think you will you feel confident?

And here’s what else happens, 

Sales becomes FUN!

It becomes like a carousel of delight as more clients = more case studies = more sales = more money = more to invest = more clients = more testimonials = more sales= more to invest = more clients ….. and around and around you go, your smile becoming broader as momentum builds! 

What you need is to be honest with yourself – and get help in the areas you KNOW you need it. As hope it not a strategy.

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