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My Secret Confidence Rituals

How to re-align your energy with positivity and confidence so your Sales Conversations feel GOOD and attact more YES's.

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Kate Hore-Lacy

I stumbled upon my calling in 2014 when a good friend of mine - a gifted marketer and entrepreneur said to me I HATE sales! She had just spend a lot of money on a program to launch her program, she had tons of discovery sessions but no-one was signing up. She said Kate you used to be good at sales, can you train me? I started coaching her. After just a couple of sessions she sold her first high end package and she said Kate "I’m actually starting to ENJOY SALES!" I've always LOVED helping people and this transformation (from someone who hated something integral to her business) to becoming good at it - was shockingly fast and made my heart beam with delight.

I did some research and discovered TOO MANY brilliant entrepreneurs, healers and consultants who GREAT at what they did but they were struggling to sign up customers. They just had never had any sales training they desperately needed a process that felt good and worked. So I started mentoring them and holding their hands till they felt confident and what I found it these women started to get results and FAST! What I also discovered is most women are actually 90% GREAT at sales already. They just need someone to show them that extra 10% They typically benefit greatly from a fresh perspective, someone who believes in their business and can see clearly how to better monetise it and the hidden opportunities they are mising. Together we develop unique and fun ways to get paying customers and I teach them how to help their prospects to say YES to their offers - in a way that doesn't feel awkward or pushy. It's pretty simple, fun and effective.

I tripped over and fell into Sales early (at just 19 years old) when I missed out on acting school. I was doing just OK in my sales role till I got some AWESOME heart-centred sales training which changed everything for me. I used it to become the first female manager in the company and I took over the role of training others. When I moved to Sydney I used my Sales and Mindset training to earn up to $32,000 a month in the late 90’s. Still in my 20's I felt I had fulfilled my potential in the corporate world, and my passion for creativity was calling! Providence stepped in when one night I sang at a NYE party and I got a break to become a professional musician.

I had a wild ride as a singer - doing over 1400 shows. I LOVED it for over a decade. Then I felt a deep unrest. I knew I had to do more with my life. I had studied personal development for decades, I had loved business - I felt unfulfilled just using my creative side... I prayed for my next step - providence stepped in again - and within days coaching found me.

3.5 years on, I am privileged to mentor imaginative, brilliant women. I help them gain confidence and traction in the "making money" side of their business so they can focus on their unique gifts and doing what they love.

For those who want to excel and have freedom and impact - sales MUST NOT be a dirty word. A new wave of smart entrepreneurs are finding the art of persuasion can be gracefully accomplished with complete integrity. As with most areas that were once avoided and then conquered. Finding sales confidence is a hidden source of sweet self-development AND is often the bridge between raw passion and their business’s ultimate success.


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