How To Amp Up Your Authority 🤩

It’s important to come across as an Authority – especially when you’re Selling!

How do you know you’re NOT coming across as the AWESOME Authority you trully are?

  • Prospective clients make a time to give you a decision – then ghost you.
  • They Interrupt you or control the Sales conversation.
  • They don’t respect your time.
  • Or take your advice.
  • They don’t show up to the meeting they’ve scheduled.

If any of these are happening to you – you know you need to UP your Authority!

But how do you do that if you’ve not had YEARS of experience? Or 3 degrees? Or if you haven’t written a book?

Well, there was an interesting study – where they wanted to see what would make an Expert Witnesses in the eyes of courtroom Jurors. 

And interestingly enough – it didn’t come down to if the person had 10+ years in the field.


Or that they were a Doctor – or had 3 degrees..


Or that they had written a book and had been featured in Newspapers. 

No – not even that! 

What it came down to – was – could that person speak clearly and communicate effectively.

That’s IT!

THAT’s what made the Jurors think – this person is an Expert.

So next time you are feeling like you don’t have enough Authority – as perhaps you haven’t published a book (yet). 

Come back to this simple advice. 

KNOW HOW your offer helps your ideal client. How it gets them MORE of what they want. And LESS of what they don’t want.

And communicate that clearly and effectively.

And YOU will come out on top.

Simples huh?

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