A Simple Question To BOOST Buy In 💸

YOU are worth it!

You are! 

You’re offer is VALUABLE.

You know it!

… but do “they” know it?

The unfortunate truth is that your offer is only as valuable as your prospective client says it is. 

Which means if – they don’t “get it” – it’s not their problem, it’s yours. 

So how can you help them see your offer is worth EVERY penny you’re asking so they go ahead?  

Here’s a simple question, to help you do just that!

I’ll set the scene. You’ve been talking to your prospective client. From all they’ve said, your offer is EXACTLY what they need it’s a perfect match.

They have also told you what they urgently want – let’s say for example it’s a lead generation process that works, a content strategy to build awareness and more sales. 

So you simply ask them this: If I could build you a lead generation process that works, a content strategy that build awareness and 30% more sales this year- guaranteed  – what would it be worth to the growth of your business? 

They reply with something like “That would be worth a lot! … $100k.”

You then say – if I can get that for you – and for a price that’s a FRACTION of what you’ve said it’s worth to you – you’ll go ahead?

They reply with a resounding YES!!

As they “get it” – they’ve told YOU the value of your offer.

Simples right?

You might ask, does this still work if I’m in health or wellness industries? 


It works in any area.

Just inject what your ideal clients urgent wants are – and adjust the question to suit. Like.. 

What would it be worth to your health?

Or to your family?

Or to your future?

This simple to ask question will help them sell themselves. 

Give it a try – and let me know how it goes!

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