3 Simple Words That Boost Sales

Here’s how to Open Up sales conversations and create Rapport (Without Sounding Pushy).

It’s UBER important to create rapport to get more sales, right?

And the BEST way to do that, is to get your potential client to open up about the deep important stuff.

And to REALLY listen to them as they share with you 

their worries 

their struggles

their fears

how much $ having this issue is costing them. 

Sales are MADE on the pain. 

And you need to know what their pain is – but more importantly they need to acknowledge it, or else they’ll never move forward.

But… it can be hard to get them to open up – You don’t want to ask a question that sounds blunt, or pushy – or you’ll send them running. 

And these simple 3 little words can help with that: 

“Help me understand”.

Nice right? 

As everyone wants to be understood 🙂

Here are a few examples of how to use them, 

“Help me understand what’s really important to you this year”?

“Help me understand what the real struggle is..”?

Or, if you get an objection that a client wants to “wait” before buying, you can say:

“You’re wanting to wait? Sure,

… help me understand what you’ll be waiting for?”

Give these little words a go in your sales convo’s this week.

When the person you’re talking with opens up, it leads to deeper conversations, lasting relationships – and more sales. 

Let me know how it goes! 

To your Success! 👊 Kate (Your Sales Yogi)

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