The top 5 mistakes you are making in your Sales Conversations…and how to fix them

A small change in your process can lead to a big change in your bank account!

Have you ever lined-up an ideal prospect, someone who you know is PERFECT for your product or service? They are the right demographic, they have the money to invest and sound good to go, but somehow you get to the end of that all-important enrolment or sales conversation and it ends with NO SALE – and you are like… ehhh, what just happened there??!

I know how hard it can be to have someone who you are SURE is ideal, slip through your fingers.


Especially when you feel you really could have helped them, and by letting them walk away you feel like you have let them down… not to mention the time and money you have invested to get them this far.

Mistakes happen, but recurring mistakes need to be addressed now – or else you’ll find yourself losing business momentum and confidence.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes and how best to overcome them:

No.1 – Trying to solve every one of their issues in one conversation

I often see coaches over-helping, this is a mistake as trying to solve all of a person’s biggest issues in 45 minutes is insanity. Giving superficial advice on too many problems doesn’t work – and it won’t serve either of you.

What you should do instead

If you are giving a strategy session you have 2 objectives:

  • Give great advice for oneburning issue
  • Understand if you are a good fit to work together

Help them with that ONE pain point. Give them strategies to get unstuck and move forward with this one issue, give them value and direction that they can take action on.

They will then get a feel for what you can offer and be better able to make a decision.

No.2 – Not directing the conversation

Maybe you love to chat with people about their personal lives, this is not always a bad thing as it will help you build a rapport. But what you don’t want to do, is ramble through till you say goodbye (with no sale), and wonder at the end of the call what happened.

What you should do instead

It is important to set yourself up as an authority in your sales conversations. One good way to do this is to make sure you are the one taking the active lead. Have structure to your conversation that will lead to a natural ‘close’ at the end. Then direct the client through the next steps.

No.3 – Ending the conversation on a LOW note

It is important to bring up the clients problems and to shine a light on the pain of inaction. However, I see many people get bogged down and stuck in the negatives during their sales conversations, then wonder why their offer falls flat. There is a time to speak about their issues and there is a time not to.

What you should do instead

Before you ‘close’, ask them about their dreams, business aspirations and goals – let them know how you can help them achieve what they want – then ask for the sale.

No.4 – Hearing an Objection as a NO:

Whatever the objection is, don’t just end the conversation. An objection is most often a request for more information – ending the conversation will leave both you and the client feeling unsatisfied.

What you should do instead

Ask them to explain further – let them know you have heard them, then speak to the fear that lies at the bottom of the objection.

No.5 – Not asking for the sale:

You get to the end of a conversation – they say thanks very much – you say ahh you’re welcome… umm bye… damn! You haven’t asked for the sale! This usually occurs when you haven’t been following a process in your conversation – the client has led you instead of the other way around.

What you should do instead

Take a deep breath calmly and confidently ask for the sale. If you are following your sales process, they will often say yes. It can be pretty surprising when this first starts happening 🙂 … Your like.. what do you mean YES! HA! Are you sure?? Wow that was easy!!

Remember this: a small change in your process can lead to a big change in your bank account!

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