Why you are only providing half the solution (when it comes to sales and marketing – and why that means you are leaving money on the table.

Each of us have both masculine and feminine energy in who we are and how we relate to others. We both have a mixture of Yang and Yin energies.

you can be a male who is more comfortable with his Yin or a female who is more comfortable with yang.

To sell well and serve your customers better you need to have a balance of both.

today’s I am talking to those who are more comfortable using their YIN energies and why you need to balance it out with more yang,

So how do u know if you are more YIN?

If you are more YIN it means you are great at listening, your nurturing, your empathetic and find it easy to build heart based connections with your prospect.

YIN energy is important as it builds rapport and helps with understanding your prospects wants and needs.

However, building relationship is only part of the equation

You also want to inspire that person to ACT

Action is what…?

Yin or Yang….?

If you said YANG your right!

If you are only building a connection and empathising – without inspiring them to take action – you are only providing them with half a service and each time you do this, you are leaving money on the table and dissatisfied prospects.

What does having only half the solution feel like?

Feels like having an itch you can’t scratch!

So if you want to serve your clients better and give them a complete solution (as well as improve your business and cash flow)

You need to exercise your YANG energies.

How to get your Yang on;

1. Have a strong clear call to action – and then when you CALL THEM TO ACTION – BE STONG AND CLEAR. So that means standing in your power and no waffling.

2. CALL THEM OUT ON WHAT IT WILL COST THEM NOT TO MOVE FORWARD. This involves stepping into the role of a leader being the voice of authority be strong enough to lead them to understand the consequences of inaction.

3. Use silence – ask a question then allow uncomfortable silence while they contemplate the answer – you may think this is more YIN as it may seem receptive – in the case of sales though its more YANG, the silence requires an authoritative strength

Be balanced in how you sell, and how you conduct yourself in business.

Use all of you your YIN AND YANG – and it will benefit both you and your prospective client.