Pranayama – Bring yourself back to a Peaceful State in 3 minutes.

A kick ass amazing breathing meditation that cancels out stress and brings you back into balance in 3 minutes.

This is one of my favourite techniques to use if I’m feeling anxious or stressed. Known as Nadi Shodun – it’s a type of Pranayama (an ancient yogic breath control technique)

Alternate nostril breathinghas been known to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, can calm the limbic system (which controls the fight of flight response) and engages the parasympatheticnervous system which enablesrelaxation. Pranayama has also been shown to enrich the blood with oxygen due to deeper breathing and is said to remove internal impurities and clear 72,000 nadis – or energy channels.

Having personally battled with PTSD. I found breathing exercises like this one helped me heal, if I’m ever feeling anxious it does wonders to bring me back to a feeling of calm.

The more you practise the more you won’t need to!

Once you learn alternate nostril breathing you’ll have a short cut back to a state of ease,whenever you need it.