What do YOU say when you’ve got just one minute to tell people what you do?
Do you umm and ahh, or mumble because you don’t want to come across as you’re trying to sell something?

What if you could come up with the Perfect Pitch?
And what could that do for your business?

A great pitch WILL undoubtably lead to more conversations, more referral’s and more sales.

So how do you develop your own Perfect Pitch – thats colourful, compelling – and doesn’t make you cringe?

Enter John Livesay “The Pitch Whisperer” John’s the author of 2 great books – the perfect pitch and The 8 Powerful Selling Secrets.

In today’s episode of Empower TV you’ll discover:
How to sell more through the Art of Story telling.
How to create a tag line that becomes a “branding phrase”, so you stand out from the crowd.
How to describe EXACTLY what you do in an interesting way. That will lead to more conversations AND … you guessed it – more SALES!
Check out the interview.
Its JAMMO with great tips and delivers game changing advice in just 19 minutes!