Ever made a sale, got a Yes! Yes! Yes! but somehow between then and now they’ve turned into a no nono?.. or worse, no further contact?

Ever invested your time and effort into a client who was the perfect match for your product or service, they knew it, you knew it, but after they purchased they decide to pull out?

Picture it – you’ve done all the ground work and found a great prospect who you know would be an ideal customer, they have the money to invest and are really excited.

..so you have the sales conversation, you build a great connection, answer all the objections, and you go ahead and make the sale.

Happy days!!!

And then …

You get a message that your client has left a voice mail..

You hope for the best, but you have that usual sinking feeling..

Then you get the news. They’re pulling out.

What’s really frustrating is that you know they have simply given into their fears, you know in your heart this is perfect for them – and now they are going without.

And so are you: loose loose.

This is all down to something commonly known as Buyer’s Remorse.

So how do you combat buyer’s remorse?

.. Is there a way to prevent it before it even takes hold?

Yes! Yes! Yes!… absolutely.

In today’s Episode of Empower TV I am giving away my top 3 strategies to combat buyer’s remorse, and stop it in its tracks before it starts.