Wow did I have an intense week when I started this year! I was feeling overloaded with the amount of work I had given myself and I was wondering where to start!

Then I remembered this productivity method I had once read about. Truth be told I initially thought it was a bit simple to be effective but I decided to give it a red hot go and

WOW …. all I can say is IT WORKS.

It NUTSO how much I have been able to achieve daily using this method, its saved me a lot of pain. You know the pain I’m talking about…


Struggling to decide where to begin.



Scattered focus.

Todays Empower TV episode will help you alleviate ALL of these. Whenever you find yourself putting something off – just come back to this method, you’ll find your moving forward and getting things done like a superstar.

– I want you to have EVERY strategy at your disposal to that will support you… It’s not always easy being an entrepreneur but the GOOD news is there are so many wonderful tools that will help.

Todays Pomodoro method is one of them.