Is this normal?

Have you ever wondered… is this normal?

… I received an email from a new business owner yesterday.
She was battling with negativity, self-doubt and overwhelm.

I felt for her, I know it’s EASY to feel like the only person in the world who is struggling.

You compare yourself to the BIG successes in your industry and think
Why is it so HARD for me?
Why is it taking so long?
Why am I feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, negative?
… Is this normal?

Here’s the truth…

YES it IS normal. And here are a few more truths:

• Starting a business takes time! You probably know this logically – but it’s easy to forget and feel behind. Go easy on yourself. Even the “overnight successes” usually spend 1-2 YEARS preparing before they began. You either prepare, or learn on the job – either way it takes time.
• EACH-TIME you stretch yourself to become bigger, you have to let go of a piece of yourself that wants to stay small. This will bring up resistance – and your EGO will kick and scream. It will feel like negativity and doubt.
• When you decide to take on more, grow and step up – you will need to GROW into a greater you – who is big enough to inhabit your new success. This growth masquerades as feelings of struggle.
• MOST things take 5-10 times longer that you think they will. This demands patience and perseverance… yay.
• You will have to allow for rejections, setbacks, fuckups and stood me-ups. NOT fun

Keep the faith.
Stay on course.

Because on the other side (of all that) is :

• SUCCESS! Not achieved for someone else’s company – but for YOUR OWN business.
• SELF KNOWLEDGE – YOU have grown, you have let go of outdated beliefs, you have become the YOU – you were meant to be.
• EMPOWERMENT – You have stepped up and become someone bigger, bolder, braver and even more bad-ass then even you dreamed!
• SERVICE – You are bringing your UNIQUE gifts into the world and affecting people positively.
• IMPACT – You are making the difference you came here to make, you’re doing it YOUR OWN way!
• FINANCIAL FREEDOM – You can buy that home, send your kids to college, go on THAT trip. Buy a couple of months off!
• PHYSICAL FREEDOM – You call your own shots, work your own hours and as long as you have WI-FI you can manage your business from anywhere in the world.
And ahhh peace.
This contented peace comes from knowing you earnt your stripes. You are where you are because of you… you kept showing up. You did the hard yards and you conquered.

So when things feel tough remember it’s normal and it’s actually a sign that you are growing – so chin up buttercup!

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