Why you should always Follow Up?

Question: A potential client says and means now is not the right time to go ahead. Should you

A: Wish them the best as they walk away? Or

B: Ask if you can call to touch base at a later stage?

Answer: B. Always ask if they would like you to follow up!
Make it a part of your process that you are so used to doing you barely think about it. Here are some examples as to why:
I am a customer who LOVES shopping and I am a consumer who loves a good salesperson – because I love them to take care of me and answer all my questions until I feel good about purchasing. Just recently I spoke to someone who was trying to sell me a block of seminars. At the time I baulked at the price – (which was really just an objection) later that week I decided I would like to go ahead and buy. Guess what?? The salesman never followed me up!! The guy who made the sales call could have earned thousands had he just followed up! Plus I felt quite peeved and unimportant! Not happy making. … From a customer service point of view. I don’t want my customers to EVER feel like that!

Here’s another example. During my career I fell into a position selling new Hondas. To be truthful – cars aren’t really my thing. However the position came to me in a cool unlikely way (which is always fun) so I accepted the challenge. My very first customer I sat down with test drove a car but wasn’t ready to buy. A salesmen I worked with called him a“tire kicker”. I still asked the customer if I could touch base and contact him at a later stage. He said he wouldn’t mind – so I rang him once a month EVERY month. I would see how he was travelling then ask if he was any closer to being in a position to buy. He would say no, I would say that’s fine ! Chat to you next month. Anyway he bought a car from me 7 months later. As a bonus he barely negotiated on price. He told me that when he was ready to buy a car there was no question of who he would buy it from! He felt my following up showed great service and said my tenacity was impressive. So impressive he actually suggested his wife hire me for her company! I had been visualizing working in a new exciting industry. After interviewing with her I discovered this was it!

So following up won me a sale. It also won me a new position in an industry I loved in which I would go on to earn between $8,000 and $32,000 a month!

SO THE REAL REASON TO FOLLOW UP IS THIS – It is NEVER pushy to ask if you can call them again it is actually the POLITE thing to do.

Always take care of your customer – make them feel important (cause they are) and they will remember you when it comes time to purchase

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