Visualization – what is it? How can I use it to get more of what I want?

Einstein – “your imagination is a preview of coming attractions”.

Imagine proving you have power over your physical world! Amazing right? Imagine seeing something and saying to yourself with conviction that it is happening … then it happens!! It’s SO amazing. It feels as close to being a Wizard from Hogwarts or a Super Hero with super human powers as your ever going to get and the thing is ANYONE can do it! .. So why not get on it? Take it for a spin. Commit to seeing if it works. You might just surprise yourself to find that it actually does work and in so proving you can learn something that can change your life.

I first learnt visualization when I was 19 years old from a super cool sales manager who had flown in from interstate to train us. He said next time – before you go to sleep. Think about a goal then see and feel yourself achieving it. Burn your target into your brain!! I didn’t really completely understand what he was talking about. I loved the idea – I wanted to see if it actually worked.So I gave it a proper go. The company I worked for sold Aussie made Surf wear to professionals who didn’t have time to shop. At that stage I didn’t know why some days I got more sales then others. I thought it depended on many things – the area, the people I was seeing even the weather seemed to affect how many items people bought – or if they bought at all. So to be told I could pick a sales target – that stretched the realms of possibility and achieve it by day dreaming about it was pretty radical.I gave it a go that night – I picked a target and 100% committed to it. I saw my self achieving it. The next day the sales appeared and I reached the figure I had set – I was SO EXCITED. I visualized again the next night and the following day I reached my target! I kept doing it and achieved so many good sales weeks that I was promoted to manage the Victorian branch of the company.

One morning I was coaching my team on Goal setting and Visualization – I said I would go out and sell with them and regardless of outer circumstances I was going to sell 40 items. (FYI 20 was a really good day) I wanted to show them visualization really worked! By 3pm I had 22 sales. I was soooooo hungry, I was tiered, I REALLY wanted a break. There was such a nice cozy café right in front of me. I thought to myself .. hey 22 is still a really good day – I imagined telling my trainees “aiming for the moon and getting the stars is not a bad thing!”

… Or I could keep going and get my target. As improbable as it was – I knew within me that it was possible. I had seen myself achieving it! I decided to keep going. By 4.45 I was on 38 sales. I got back to the office and was honestly amazed when my office manager said BTW Kate you had 2 phone sales. Like c’mon what are the chances?? I had only received 1 phone sales previously – ever!! I ended up on 40 sales exactly. There is no doubt it when done with conviction it works.

For the left brainiacs here are some of the mechanics of how it works. Studies say your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. Your subconscious mind is pretty powerful – It actually steers most of what you do. Funnily enough it cannot tell the difference between a mental thought and a physical action – to the subconscious they are both the same. Which means it can’t tell if you have experienced something or just imagined experiencing something. Elite athletes like Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods openly talked about their use of visualization as a tool they used to achieve success in their arenas. Its pretty amazing but even your physical body can strengthen through visualization alone! Guang Yue an exercise psychologist working in Ohio in the US had a test group only visualize going to the gym (without physically going) – he measured an increase of 13.5% in muscle mass! These people were not physically doing anything to achieve this improvement in their body’s – they were simply using the power of their imagination. Ha! how good is that? Interestingly too the muscle actually lasted 3 months after the visualization concluded.

For the spiritual adventures and quantum physicists out there. You will probably already know that thoughts are powerful and have energy. Energy never dissipates (according to our knowledgeable friend Einstein) but just changes form. So what happens to a thought that is energy? It becomes like a powerful magnet that attracts like energy. So you imagine yourself selling a certain amount and the magnets go out and people somehow are attracted to those magnet and you somehow find each other. I guess that’s why they call it the law of attraction

Basic steps to use Visualization

  1. 1. Set yourself a Goal
  2. 2. Get into an Alpha state. (a peaceful state while you are still awake) Think of Alpha as a little gate between your conscious and unconscious minds. It opens a bridge and will help suspend disbelief. A meditation before visualizing should do it – even closing your eyes and breathing deeply 10 times should induce Alpha.
  3. 3. See yourself achieving your target. Feel yourself achieving your target. You can even hear the congratulations of those around you now you have achieved your target.

Breath, Live, Repeat.

So we’ve covered what it is and how to do it. Last question was ..

Where can it get me?
I think you can imagine the answer…


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