Timing is Key

What is timing? I think of it as an intersection between knowledge, intuition and flow.

So we know timing is key to success in many areas for example – cooking, dancing and sex. So is timing important in selling?

Hell Yeah!
There will come a point in most sales presentations when your client is in that precise moment sold and comfortable in moving forward.
What if your timing is off? … What happens if the client is willing to go ahead and you are only 30 seconds into your proposal? What if you miss the moment and keep on talking? … Well, the exact same thing that happens to you’re a perfect salmon fillet when you overcook it… your client’s enthusiasm will start to dry out.

When you are presenting to your next potential customer, pause and see if you can gauge the timing. Intuit when they need space, verbally take a step back and pause.

Listen for buying signals – see if you can feel when they are ready to go ahead and respond by asking them for the sale. When you are moving in time with them. You feel the simpatico. It can be perfection and will help your customer satisfaction.

You may have heard the expression – they talked their way OUT of a sale. This is when the customer was sold and ready to move forward the salesperson got the timing wrong and kept talking till the customer was not interested anymore.

There is a buying curb once they reach the peak they will start to go down the other side. If your timing is off you may be able to bring them back up to that buying point again – but it is hard work and may not be as juicy an experience for you or the customer then if you have your timing right.

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