Listening your way to Success

I just experienced from a customer’s point of view the reasons why it is SO important as a sales person to not over talk and to listen to your prospective client. Here is what happened… I just had a discovery session with a coach to see if this person was a right fit for me (I think everyone benefits from mentoring and I’m looking for a personal coach).

It was SO interesting to be on this call as a potential customer. To experience what it feels like when someone doesn’t listen to you – and it really feels massively frustrating. You feel as if you could be anyone on the call – as if all they are thinking about is making a sale.

From a sales point of view by not listening to her customer this bright but overly talkative coach missed two golden opportunities.

  1. 1. Connection – When someone makes space for you in the conversation. Really takes the time to listen it is wonderful. You can feel a spaciousness that creates areport and a yummy feeling of support.Thiscan impart something thatwehumans love – thatsense ofYAY they get me!This equals report. Building report is key to making that first sale and can lay the foundations to keeping a customer for life.


  1. 2. Information.I was actually giving her all the KEY points on EXACTLY what I was looking for. All she had to do was match my needs to her offering and boom – it would have gotten her the sale.


So pleasemy Darlings, listen to your customer. Ask the question then..ZIP IT! Don’t be afraid to let the conversation breath. Its like music – often times it’s not about the notes but the space between them. We can be that space between notes. Let the client feel that they are being heard with delicious receptivity. Give them room to ask the questions that are important to them. These will help you understand their needs so you can fulfill them and that in the end is what it is all about.

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