How to boost your confidence in just 2 minutes.

2 Minute exercise for Greater Confidence.

Many women I speak to share a common complaint that they feel inhibits them from selling more. They feel they lack confidence. So I want to share a simple powerful tool that any one can do starting immediately.

Amy Cuddy – a Harvard University researcher discovered that powerful leaders share a similar hormone profile. She discovered that effective leaders had high levels of testosterone and low levels of cortisol. Testosterone has been found to indicate high levels of confidence in women and men. High levels of cortisol means essentially that your stressed out!

Amy and her team study body language and its effect on hormones. They identified and classified different body positions as “high power” or “low power” poses. A high power pose is open, strong and confident a low power pose is guarded and withdrawn. She had study participants strike a power pose for 2 minutes. Their before and after saliva tests were taken and they were astounded to see that just 2 minutes increased testosterone by 20% and reduced cortisol by 25%!!

This information empowers us to affect how we feel. So if need be “fake it till you make it”. Embody a “Power Pose”. Cuddy proves that body language does in fact affect your hormones which in turn affects how you feel.

So when you wake up – before you take a sales appointment or hit the phones. Strike a power pose for 2 minutes.

You’ll experience greater confidence, feel more relaxed and this can lead to – you got it… more Sales!

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