Everything is so Hard

Are you having one of those days, weeks or months when everything seems hard? If yes, I may have something that will help. (I’ll tell you a secret) I had a SUCKY January!!

… I was putting together the first episodes of Empower TV and I was coming across block after block after block.I’m not usually accident prone – but I was breaking stuff, dropping things, and injuring myself like I was some sort of comic relief.

I was hitting wall after wall after wall, I mean, with everything!

> YAY my camera operator announces he’s moving overseas

> YAY my expensive DSLR camera doesn’t have the external mic output I need

> YAY I got the wrong technical advice from experts at a camera store… and to make things
even better the door LITTERALY hit me on the way out and removed a nice long deep chunk
of flesh from the back of my leg (double YAY).

After much effort and set-back I was finally ready to shoot my first episode, wanting to look glam and professional I decide to go to a new hairdresser down the road…

Was I tempting fate?

What was the worst that could happen…? I’m only getting blonde foils…

Result…Orange? – I don’t remember asking for Orange! Orange hair barely suits an orangutan, and they’ve had millions of years to evolve into theirs – I just don’t have that kind of time to make it work, I’m scheduled to record this afternoon!

I was like… ok what’s going on?

Why am I creating this?

A session with my coach quickly illuminated where I was putting all my focus…


I realized the more I was getting frustrated about the setbacks the harder things became.

Helloooo Law of attraction!!


I decided to be conscious of a NEW mantra:

Everything is so EASY, I am in flow, things are getting finished and it’s SO Happy making!

IMMEDIATELY things began to shift:

  • > I worked out my technical bugs
  • > I filmed my first 2 episodes within one hour, when previously it would take me weeks
  • > I realized that my partner was a natural genius at video editing
  • > The hairdresser half fixed my hair. It doesn’t look so bad J


I instantly felt better and things started MOVING!!

So my love – if you are experiencing a pattern you would like to shift, try this 2-minute exercise.

1 – Write down a phrase to describe what you are experiencing right now e.g.

  • > I’m stuck
  • > I’m overwhelmed
  • > I’m unsupported

2 – Write the opposite, something that brings a smile to your face, and put it somewhere you can see it.

  • > I am in flow
  • > Everything is easy
  • > I’m feeling supported and receiving help from every direction.

3 – Shift your attention to the new belief. Revel in how good it feels now this is your new reality.

Be aware that you may still experience some of the tail-end of the old energy, if something negative happens, or a feeling arises, its ok – allow it, breath, and welcome the feeling in your body. Then simply re-direct your focus back onto what you want.


  • > What you manifest
  • > The ease of your work
  • > How productive you are
  • > How good you feel

You want to hear my Happy Ending?

Empower TV WILL be going live on Wednesday the 1st of March 2017!!


What is Empower TV?

It’s all about sharing quick and easy hacks to get around your biggest sales and mindset blocks.

P.S Leave a comment about your biggest challenge or block right now – I may do an episode just for you :)x Kate

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