Ever felt like the Universe has forgotten you?

Have you ever experienced a massive set back in your business that completely took you by surprise?? – a relationship break-up, a financial disaster or family crisis, or something really important to you that just didn’t come off?…and even though you kinda know “everything happens for a reason” that maybe The Universe has forgotten about you…?

This is the vibe I got from Nicole (yes, i’ve changed her name) who replied to last weeks blog.

Nicole has just experienced a financial tragedy and now in her later years, is thrown into the challenge of having to start her own business.
She was bravely trying to sound up-beat.. but the energy of her email seemed to say Why me?? This wasn’t meant to happen!
… I’m too old for this shit!

I could have agreed that life was unfair, and the fact that she was facing this challenge made her a victim – but that wouldn’t be truthful

I could see and feel SO clearly that Nicole was actually in the right place at right time – at the start of an amazing adventure!!

Let me explain..

Nicole has heaps going for her – she sounds intelligent, perceptive and knowledgeable. She said she has a great eye for layout and design and wants to start working in the real estate home staging market.

I can see her ROCKING IT in this new position. I can see her meeting new people and digging deep. She will be forced to grow because she HAS to make this work – that’s the gift life has given her!

Instead of winding down Nicole has been called to get back in the game.

I’m not saying its not hard, and that challenges are easy – I know, I’ve felt like a victim plenty of times – but the victim mentality can impact your ability to see your options and make the right decisions – big or small.

A lot of female entrepreneurs feel like a victim when it comes to having to make sales.. “Why do I have to do this! I HATE IT! What I’ve got is great! Why can’t people just say YES!!!”

If you are being called upon to learn anything new that feels uncomfortable – it’s an invitation to grow.

… It’s our ego that says I don’t want an adventure; I want a peaceful easy life.

The thing is, the Universe knows us and believes in us more than we do ourselves, it knows when we are ready for something greater.

The truth is this – the Universe never forgets about you…especially not you.

There are no mistakes and you are never given anything you cannot handle.

So my lovely, is there an area of your life where you are feeling a bit like a victim? If the answer is yes – you are being called upon to find undiscovered gifts.

Here are some tips to remember that will help:

  1. 1. Ask what am I learning from this? Really ask with an open heart and be prepared to hear the answer. An Indian saint taught me this ages ago and it took me years to truly understand it, and when i did, it was a massive shift.


  1. 2. Have faith that life has your back. There are no mistakes. You are never given anything you cannot handle – even if great change happens you are always safe and things willwork out.


  1. 3. Take responsibility. You are not a victim in this, you are co-creating your experience. Think of it as life offering you an opportunity for a promotion – you just have to step up and take it.

Knowing there are no mistakes is real Alchemy.

When you put this knowledge into practice and get good at it, you really can turn shit into gold!

So much so, that when you get more shit you can laugh and say AWESOME! What can I create from this specimen?

Back to Nicole – I gave her 5 action points to get her business off the ground. In a year from now I am sure she will look back with gratitude for the knowledge she is gaining, and that everything worked out for the absolute best.

So my darling – what challenges are you facing?

The great thing about community is that we are connected.

Your experiences are the same as many people. When we come forward to talk about our challenges, we often find others who have been through the same, similar – or even worse!.. and key word here is through“. It enables us to share and gain knowledge from others, which helps us to understand the all-important, “why?”
You are not alone.

With love

x Kate

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