learn how to build confidence and WILD PROFITS with HEART-CENTERED SALES PROCESSES that feel good and work!.. and you shouldn't just take my word for it...

if you are a CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR looking for the best way to get your product or service out there, to increase your sales, impact and income - you are in the right place..


here you will learn some of the key sales secrets and lessons i had to learn - the hard way - to become one of the most successful female Sales earners in Australia.


learn quick and simple Sales techniques that will instantly transform your business and sale profits, allowing you to INCREASE YOUR IMPACT and SHINE BRIGHTLY in the world

Hello lovely! I’m Kate.. click the video to find out why you're here! 😊


My secret confidence rituals

These are the exact rituals I use to give me the mindset I need to get more YES’S. They boost my confidence and set me up for a fun successful day - regardless of how introverted I feel when I wake up.


Join a NEW WAVE of Conscious Entrepreneurs who are learning to Sell Successfully from an Authentic Place.

Kate Hore-Lacy

I began coaching when a friend of mine - a gifted marketer and entrepreneur said to me I HATE sales! She had just spend a lot of money on a launch program and nobody was signing up. She said Kate you used to be good at sales - can you train me? I started coaching her, I realised she was making some simple but impactful mistakes and didn’t even have a close! After just a couple of sessions she sold her first high end package. People were saying YES and she said I’m actually starting to ENJOY SALES!

I realised my friend wasnt alone, smart talented women everywhere were struggling financially simply because of lack of sales skills. So I began coaching other women,

I found sales easy because I fell into it so early and at just 19 and got some invaluable heart-centred sales training and used it to rise to the top of my game in a number of industries. Earning $32,000 a month in the late 90’s, managing and training successful teams, I finally left to become a professional singer.

When I felt called to not just use my creative side, I felt a need to use my whole self which included my love of business! - I prayed for a brand new direction. And within days coaching found me.

Now I am privileged to train people who are great at what they do to be successful. Sales may not have been the thing I chose - it chose me. It kills me when I see people working too hard, not making an impact and struggling to get by. I teach heart-centred sales in a fun, practical way and I love to see their confidence bloom and their business and mindset transform from shaky to SHINING.

For those who want to excel (money freedom impact) sales MUST NOT be a dirty word. A new wave of smart entrepreneurs are finding sales can be successfully done with complete integrity AND is the back-bone to their business’s success.

AND the best thing about sales training - is I can take people from struggling to profits FAST.


designed to give you a BOOST in Sales - we will identify and fix your biggest Sales mistakes so you can start making REAL MONEY NOW

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